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Infinite Source History

In 1995 a group of like-minded, spiritually aware individuals, dedicated to the unfoldment of all persons to their True Self, opened a church called the Infinite Source. Since there are an infinite number of paths to the God Source, Infinite Source Church was conceived with the intention of honoring all who are seeking to enhance their journey.

​Soon after Infinite Source started hosting The Spirit Mind Body fairs, as a way of connecting the community and sharing the beautiful beliefs of the world.  The final goal was to open a spiritual healing and well-being center in Topeka for year-round actives.

​In 2019 there was a revisiting to this goal and a refocusing to help Topeka and Kansas find peace and healing.  They updated the idea of the Spiritual and well-being center, moving it into a goal for the next 5 years.  We put into works for more classes and workshops for a new of ideas and actives.  

Joining forces with Topeka Drum and Rhythm Circle and Coven of the Sacred Moon the church widens their network working and community.

​In 2020 Infinite Source, had to learn how to live and join hands in a world of technical knowledge and social distaining.  In 2021 we have blended all the dreams, goals, and new standards to have a safe, spiritual, and healing space for all. 

We invite you to check out the reinvasion Infinite Source!

​Each individual has the privilege and responsibility to determine what is right for themselves if it does not infringe on the rights of others. We seek to be competent, proficient, and cooperative; to love our fellow Man; to appreciate; to be humble, honest, and moral; to live positively and to be what we profess.  ​To reach out to our Topeka and surrounding communities.

Our desire is to bring forth opportunities for all to explore a variety of avenues for their spiritual development.


Our Mission

To bring new insights to help you raise the light consciousness of your spiritual self, expand the understanding of your mental self, and integrate awareness into the cells of your physical self.

Our Vision for the Future

To be a fellowship of openness, love, and spiritual awerness.  A place for each person finds their spiritual self and to share it wi.

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