Welcome To The 45th Spirit Mind Body Fair

Agriculture Hall, Kansas Expocentre, 17th & Topeka Blvd.
Nov. 4th, 10:00AM to 7:00PM & 5th, 11:00AM to 5:00PM, 2017.
This event is sponsored by the Infinite Source Church in the

   Hope it will bring new insights and assist you to…
  Raise the Light Consciousness of your Spiritual Self
    Expand the Understanding of Your Mental Self
Integrate Awareness into the Cells of Your Physical Self
$7.00 Donation at the door.
Free Parking.
*** Blessings to You***
Please use the coupon posted at the bottom of the page.
Door Prizes will be posted every half hour near the ticket table.


                                                                      Saturday Nov. 4th


                                                         11:30    “Ki Development through Mind and Body
                                                                             Coordination” with Leigh Ann Fulkerson
                                                        12:30     “Health and Technology: When Energy 
                                                                            Fields Collide” with Joyce Brown                                                                    
                                                         1:30      “Billets” with Gwynth
                                                         3:00    “Channeled Messages from your Fairies, 
                                                                         Guides and Angels” with Laura Jones  
                                                        4:00     “Fun Interactive Medical Intuitive Health
                                                                        Readings” with Clinton Peirce
                                                        5:00     “Essential Oils 101” with Rachel Egbert   
                                                                              Sunday Nov. 5th
11:30     “Experiencing The Power of Your Dreams”                      
                                                                         with Lois Grummert
                                                      12:30     “Pain Relief and Management Through MYK                                       
                                                                        Therapy” with Alba Blocker                      
                                                       1:30      “Billets” with Gwynth
                                                       3:00      “EFT” (Emotional Freedom Technique)
                                                                        with Claudia Diltz


Human Rights ~


Falun Dafa/Falun Gong                     Sarah Woellhof

Sign a petition from Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting 

In China

~ Health & Fitness~


Ki-Fit Fitness for body, mind, & spirit   541-415-0703    

Leigh Ann Fulkerson                       earth2la@gmail.com


Holistic personal training, weight management, stress

management, & chair massage


Moore’s Martial Arts Academy, Inc.      785-228-3804

Ronnie Moore    karate@mooresmartialartsacademy.com                   

FB: Moore’s Martial Arts Academy

Holistic Martial Arts teach mind, body & spirit. Personal Safety





Aura Star                                       405-330-0673

Keith Stelting                             aurastar1@yahoo.com

I’ll be selling wood hand crafted items I have made.

  [Keith donates the proceeds to local charities]


Intuitive Portraits                                    913-268-0131

Michelle Stelting-Mauler                titania3@gmail.com                                       

14’ x 17’ drawing of face with spirit guides and totem animals.


Prairieland Art Studio                         785-234-0400

Carol Williams                             clwilliams83@att.net

Oil on wood art pieces that depict nature. Words of spiritual

Support on some pieces. Prints available.



Body Workers ~


Body Heart And Sole                           785-221-2703

Alba Blocker                            albablocker@gmail.com


Bodywork for alignment & boosting immune system, with Indian

Head massage, Reflexology, Myokinesthetic therapy and more.


Infinite Potential Integrative Health    785-224-8434

Tori Hayworth / Julie Ray       ipotential11@gmail.com


Offering 30 minute biofeedback scans, health/ nutrition coaching,

Ion cleanse detox footbath, Himalayan salt lamps, diffuser     




                       ~   ENERGY & HEALING  WORK  ~


Angels Whisper                                    214-288-9888     

Charlotte & Michael Lin      theangelswhisper@live.net

Angelswhisper.net                                  214-789-9888

Quantum Touch, Esoteric healing, Access Bars, Functiona

Stones, Stone Reader, Feng-Shui, Qi-Gong


(The) Body Therapeutics                              785-317-0448

Carol Ann Brown        carol@thebodytherapeutics.com

www.thebodytherapeutics.com      FB: Carol Ann Brown

Channeling, Trauma & imprinting release, DNA activations, God

Elixirs, Soul Activations, Intuitive Readings of Soul Patterning


Earth Woman Energies                      785-806-3077

Corrie Stanley                      cgstanley2002@aol.com


Providing Reiki healing energy and intuitive Angel Card



The Energy of Sound                        785-438-0132

Jacob Dietrich           Jacob@theenergyofsound.com  


Using sound to wash away unwanted energy, much like washing

A dirty window. Change is inevitable.


Heartland Light Circle                    785-242-4262

Susan Nakao                sunakao2000@gmail.com


Receive a session of true light; an amazing spiritual energy 

That purifies and restores the spirit, mind, & body.




Full Circle Healing 

Phyllis Maxey                                 405-706-3784

Nina Beaner                                   785-214-2433

Energy work, readings, crystal / stone programming, chakra

balancing, Spirit animal readings.


Spiritual Energy Healing              913-342-1669

Charles E. Adriano             nrghealn@gmail.com

I am a facilitator of our Creator’s cleansing and healing energies 




Angelleighia                  angelleighia@gmail.com                                                  

Amy Harper                                  FB: Angelleighia

Shaman Medical Intuit, Spirit Messenger, Transformational

Messages, Spiritual Consultant


Beatrice Patry                                 316-308-1203

Betty B. Patry                                               

General readings, Health, past life regressions, (soul) animal

Spirit communications, pictures, old time mediumship,  etc…


Bright Eyes                                     918-453-9498

Debra Mae Merkes              dmmm219@gmail.com

Spiritual medium offering intuitive soul readings &  Wheel of Life

Shustah card readings


Charleen"                                                   785-640-7002                             

Charleen Varner                                                                                                          

Playing card readings, pet readings, Tarot Card readings,

palm readings, crystal ball readings, astrology, psychic &

intuitive  readings.


Dennis "DOC" Cromwell                       913-645-8296

Doc                                dennisdoc50cromwell@yahoo.com

Uses past life information and soul lessons to instill a sense

of peace and joy through healing. Have 3 questions ready.


The Dragon Lady                                    785-829-0640

Shirley Rodriquez

Reader, also Spirit Drawings


Devonna                                                   405-924-3776

Devonna Gilpatrick                devonnakay49@gmail.com     


Readings enabling the client to make decisions concerning their

Pathways in life. 40 years Tarot reading experience


Greywolf Howling Animal Spirit Readings   913-727-5195

Janis Virant                                                  coostk@yahoo.com


I read Animal Spirit Readings & Channel Geronimo. I also read

Magical Mermaids & Dolphin Oracle cards.


The Holistic Warrior                                     405-360-1700

Thomas J. Nolan III                               thomas3@aol.com


Tarot, I Ching, Energy Balancing 


Gwynth and Her Spirit Friends                  405-824-4417

Gwendolyn Haynes                        ghwings@hotmail.com

Readings and Billets


Jo C. Flowers                                             785-234-4992

Jo Salehar                                   jiosephine@hotmail.com

FB: 3FlowersMetaphysicalTreasures

Spiritual Intuitive Reader - Bilingual (Spanish/English) 50 years

Experience. Plain deck readings


Jodiana                                                  316-347-0828

Jodi Yauch                                      jodi@jodiana.com


I help empaths & lightworkers manage their energy, awaken

Their gifts, & be the change they wanna see


Joyce Brown                                    636-337-6869


Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient readings, spiritual

counselor will assist you in all areas of Life


Lauracle Compassionate Psychic Guidance   515-975-6331

Laura Jones                                                laura@lauracle.com


Clairvoyant, clairaudient, empath, answers your questions:

Past lives, soul mates, career, purpose, your own intuition  


Linda Kehres                                            785-640-0535

Linda Kehres                                   lkehres1013@att.net

Linda helps bring forth information from the Akashic Records

To help provide insight & wisdom for the client


Oma Lacey Psychic                                 785-357-1730

Oma Lacey

Channeled spirit reading and Tarot   


Spiritual Healing and Consultation          316-776-2162

Margaret Brinkley              margaretabrinkley@yahoo.com

Reiki , Therapeutic Touch, Energy Reader, Spiritual message

receiver, Feng Shui , Akashic Record Reader, Reflexology, &

Medicine Woman


Robert the Psychic                                  816-561-1481

Robert Mahoney                            robertthepsychic.com

Robert’s readings have been described as “Enlightening”,

Energetic, and (if nothing else) “Entertaining”   


~ READER  / Vendors ~


Dianne Lawson Astrologer and Feng Shui Consultant             

Dianne Lawson                                         785-232-2836                     

www.diannelawson.com               cappie0113@aol.com

Astrology, card & palm readings, and Feng Shui products

including stones, crystals, jewelry and Small Money Frogs


Celestial Forest Institute of Energy Healing & Shamanic

Studies                                                    785-633-2424

Kathy Daugherty               three-feathers@hotmail.com


Services & training in healing & Shamanic modalities including

Reiki, Energy Work, Past Life Regression, & Oracle Reading


Clinton’s Herbs                                      620-899-1785

Clinton Peirce                      clintonsherbs@gmail.com

Medicinal herbs, self collected. Over 60 wild crafted, homeo-

pathic remedies with 25 years experience


Dragon’s Shire                                    785-608-6552

Bartricia R Allison               dragonsshireks@gmail.com

Liz Ember Scribner                                 DragonsShire.com

Metaphysical and Wiccan supplies, for all your spiritual needs.

Tarot, Animal & Oracle readings Jewelry - chainmail and more.     


Light Jewels, LLC                                    913-486-3404

Jean & Mark Finch                        jean@lightjewels.com

www.lightjewels.com                   mark@lightjewels.com   

We sell quality & custom made .925 silver jewelry with

semiprecious stones, crystals, shungite, orgonite  


PLJ Healing Arts (Peace, Love, Joy)   316-807-7715

Michael  Kelley                        pljhealingarts@gmail.com


Essential oils & oil kits, Meditation Fountains, Diffusers, Whole

Body wellness counseling & Intuitive Card Reading.


Teresa W. Bricknell                              316-650-6144

Teresa W. Bricknell                   angelreaing@cox.net

Medium and Angel Card reader certified by Doreen Virtue


The Crafty Angel / The Order of Angels  405-549-1323

Tamara Milner              theorderofangels084@gmail.com


Designer of Angel, Spiritual, Aromatherapy Jewelry / Angels,

Fairies & The Ancient Ones Translator to Human Speech


~Vendors ~


3 Flowers Metaphysical Treasures           785-234-4992

William Gifford                             jiosephine@hotmail.com

FB: 3 Flowers Metaphysical Treasures 

Metaphysical retail shop. Incense, Oils, figurines, Tarot Cards,

Unique jewelry & much more


Aistre' Amber                                                913-484-4158

Kate Porterfield                                   kjpinkc@yahoo.com

Baltic amber jewelry as well as some jet and other fossils.


Bee Soft and Natural                                417-770-5132

Robert Wade                                          bob-bee@live.com


All natural creams, lotions, and bee’s wax candles.


Bio-Energetic Jewelry                             620-481-0209

Claudia Diltz                  bioenergeticjewelry@yahoo.com


Jewelry programmed with frequencies to help protect against

Electro-magnetic pollution, reduce stress & much more


B.J.’s Bears & Jewelry                              785-542-1919

Brenda Eubanks                      silvertrails1919@msn.com                 

Hand Beaded SW jewelry & dream catchers, some Fairies 

Fleece & misc. items


American Dream Nutrition                       785-584-6245

Jim Millenbruch                                   ptjim2@gmail.com


Come past our booth, check out our nutrition products, pick up

Some literature, sign up for the drawing


Canterbury Gifts                                        816-442-7007

Jeff Schnabel                      canterburygiftskc@gmail.com

Salt lamps, wood spirits, witches balls, fashion jewelry,

fashion scarves & other unique items.


Charlotte’s Passion Today                      620-478-2848


Hand designed jewelry infused with Reiki, skulls, stones, candle

Melts, handmade tops


Crystal Joy                                             405-413-9791

Mary Hurley                              t.j.hurley@sbcglobal.net

Beautiful, high energy hand picked stones in all forms

Including  rough & polished.


Crossroads Collective                                                                            

Seraphina Wagoner    crossroadscollective.info@gmail.com


Providing meditational and metaphysical items to the

discerning for over 20 years                                                                     


doTerra Essential Oils                          719-290-7968

Rachel Egbert         info@empowerednaturalliving.com                     


Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing health & wellness.

We responsibly harness nature’s most powerful elements.


Dragonseye Designs / Kat’s Henna     405-325-3725

Marvin Caskey                dragondesigns@sbcglobal.net

Magnetic Beaded Jewelry, Native style flutes, Medicine Bags

Henna & Glitter Designs


The Enchanted Willow                          785-272-1686

Bert Miller                               enchantedwillow@att.net

Ken Liddle           TheEnchantedWillow@Facebook.com                          

A metaphysical supply store featuring incense, scented and

essential oils, candles, divination tools & more.


Gaia Native                                            785-289-6393

Veronica Delaney             gaianativehome@gmail.com

Dinah Tucker                                        Gaianative.com

Handcrafted crafted one of a kind items. Spiritual tools and décor

For earth based practices.


Herbal Alchemy Teahouse and More   913-244-0371

Denise Donnelly-Neill    herbal.alchemy.2009@gmail.com


We sell Herbal Teas and Accessories.    


Lotus Rising                                             785-817-7912

Lois Grummert                    lotusrising@loisgrummert.com


Empowering women to live the life of their dreams by guiding

Them to reclaim their truth.


Midwest Float                                         785-783-8307

Casey Campbell                      Desk@midwestfloat.com


Topeka’s only deprivation float tank center offering 60/90 min.

Float sessions


Mystic Forest                                           870-492-4106

Frank Slagle                                hawk4186@yahoo.com

Selling books for 37 years; Complete Metaphysical Bookstore. 

Known as the “Bookman”.


National Connection                              785-827-8694

Frank & Betty  Russell                 betty@nspcentral.com


Herbs, Iridology, Magnetic, Oils                


One Who Sees Far Publishing              785-228-1077

Sylvia S. Colombo                       colombosylv@aol.com

Author: “I Danced With Crazy Horse”


Rock - n -  Granny                                  405-919-2168

Debbie Aitken                victorianlady1403@hotmail.com


Huge selection of tumbled & natural stones, clusters, shapes,

Pendulums, crystal kits, jewelry, incense & more…


Perfectly Posh                                         785-550-3883

Jennifer Borsch                           jenn.borsh@gmail.com 


Vegan / vegetarian pampering products


Raventree Pewter                                    207-390-0495

Mark Krehbiel                            maven@mailhaven.com


Hand Poured Pewter Pendants of a Spiritual Nature.


River Park Studio                                     316-308-2355

Dawn Ysidro                            riverparkstudio@ymail.com

“Angels All Around” selling Angel Wing Jewelry, Glass Feathers,

Angel Pins, Aromatherapy Necklaces, & Angel Visor Clips


Scentsy Independent Consultant            785-338-3903

Audrey Bolton                              abolton832@gmail.com

I sell diffusers, essential oils, warmers, fragrance bars,

body & bath products, etc…


Trovina                                                      785-383-3465

Rebecca Cason                            Rebecca@trovina.com


Handmade Natural Soap for Everyone


Twirls & Swirls Body Art                         314-346-1602

Becky Hicks                        carlsonrebecca@yahoo.com      

I provide temporary henna body art for all ages in a fun and

Interactive style


Vintage Spirit                                           918-605-3972

Kymn Laird                                  kymn.laird@gmail.com

FB: Kymn Laird’s Booth

Over 30 different types of natural stone bracelets, great place

for beginners


Wirewrapping By Z                                  316-558-0321

Zandra McIntosh                            crystaldock@cox.net

Custom wire wrapping, pendulums & pendants. Find a stone

at  the fair; I will wrap it for you while you shop.